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Pilotflightrecorder.com = 20 real airlines available in the world !

Pilotflightrecorder.com = More than 25,000 real flights available

The flights are managed by the system = https://virtualairlineschedules.net

Real airline schedules

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Our airline schedule packs are incredibly accurate.

Airline information (name, IATA and ICAO)

Flight number

Flight code

Departure airport information (name, IATA, ICAO, country, latitude and longitude)

Scheduled departure time (Zulu and local)

Arrival airport information (name, IATA, ICAO, country, latitude and longitude)

Estimated time of arrival (Zulu and local)

Estimated flight time

Flight schedule (days of the week flown)

Aircraft information (name, type, registration and serial number)

Flight distance (Km, Mi and Nm)

Initial bearings, RVSM type and initial assigned altitudes.

Powerful flight tracking software

Rich in functionality

Advanced flight tracking

Performance statistics

Takeoff / landing analysis.

ACARS Pilot Chat

ACARS Automatic METAR feed & reporting

ACARS Enhanced pilot skill analysis

ACARS Airline Global Rank & Top Pilot

Real planes, with real flight number

Pilot Statistics

Pilot Messaging System

Live Flight Board & Map

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